Sunday, January 11, 2015

2014 Atlanta Braves Season Statistics

During the All Star break, I wrote a post about the Braves' midseason statistical ranking (Midseason Report: 2014 Atlanta Braves), which makes for a good comparison from then until now. I'm sure that if you're a Braves fan, you're just as disappointed as I am with how this season has transpired. I even wrote a post back in March of how good the Braves could be after all the extensions they made to their young players (The Hunt For Choptober). But moving on, here's a look at how the Braves ranked across the MLB.

2014 Atlanta Braves season statistics:


.241 average (26th best)
.305 on-base percentage (24th best)
545 rbi (29th best)
1,316 hits (26th best)
240 doubles (tied with Astros for 28th best)
123 home runs (tied with Red Sox for 22nd best)
573 runs (29th best)
472 walks (14th best)
1,369 strikeouts (4th most)
95 stolen bases (16th most)


.251 opponent average (18th lowest)
.312 opponent on-base percentage (16th lowest)
547 earned runs (5th lowest)
1,369 hits allowed (13th lowest)
121 home runs allowed (5th lowest)
597 runs allowed (6th lowest)
472 walks allowed (tied with Orioles for 16th lowest)
1,301 strikeouts (9th most)
3.38 earned run average (5th lowest)
54 saves (2nd most)

As you can see, I'm a bit late with this. I had this in my drafts and didn't finish it, then I ended up forgetting about it. But now that I have remembered, we can compare this to the team statistics at the All Star break, and then how the Braves finished the year. As you can see, the offense was....well....anyways, moving on. The pitching wasn't too bad, as the Braves were typically ranked in the upper half of all MLB teams. The Braves are usually pretty good when it comes to pitching, as I'm sure you guys know. So that's not much of a surprise. 2015 might be an interesting year, especially with some new faces on the team, so we'll see how that goes. More posts will come as the new season draws closer!

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