Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tomahawk Empire's New Look!

New look, same somewhat-decent blog! I haven't changed much since its creation, so it was due for an update. For those that have viewed my blog before you'll notice the updates. Probably the biggest change would be the background picture I used for the title. I had a difficult time trying to figure that one out. Then I realized I had to go to the header, and from there I was able to add the picture and have everything fit accordingly. I customized the lettering at the top and then had to add it to the picture of Turner Field (which was a frustrating task on its own), but luckily I was able to figure something out (anyone catch the Smoltz tribute?).

The tabs bar is a little different. I changed the colors and it seems to work well with the blue background. I went with the same color for the post background and the gadget background so that everything tied together. The final change was that I adjusted the width of the page. I wanted to make sure the picture I used lined up with the blog posts and the gadget sidebar.

The next step would probably be to get started on a new profile picture. I'd like to make my own logo, but I'm still looking into that. I'll figure something out. I might not get around to that for a few weeks at the very least, but I've satisfied my need to update for the time being.

Anyways, just giving everyone a heads-up on the new look. Hope you all have been enjoying my recent posts (now five consecutive days!).

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