Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Smoltz Mini Bobblehead

This is the first (and only) Smoltz bobblehead I currently have. My mom got it for me as an extra little Christmas present a few years ago. I believe this is from the 2003 Upper Deck 2nd Edition mini bobbleheads collection. I looked on eBay and saw listings for other bobbleheads, but I'm not sure how many ones there are in total.

I put him next to a baseball so you guys could get an idea for the size. The bobblehead isn't very big as you can tell, so it'd make sense if they put them in cereal boxes. I've seen similar bobbleheads of Jason Giambi with the Yankees, Sammy Sosa with the Cubs, and Ichiro with the Mariners to name a few. There might even be one for every team, but I'm not too sure on that. It was a nice little present, and probably the biggest upside is that it doesn't take up much space.

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