Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Not Just A Picture

As I'm sure you guys know by now, John Smoltz is my favorite player. I'm always looking for something of him and thanks to my friend Meaghann (@MrsClooney32), I was able to obtain something I had my eyes set on for a while.

She had this Smoltzy pic and offered it to me without hesitation. I've gotten rid of mostly all the cards I've had that were up for sale or trade, but I'm still trying to see what I can do to send something her way in return (might be a little while, though).

This is the first Smoltz picture I have. I've gotten some 8x10's signed in person before, so perhaps I can get this signed by John in the future? Maybe. Hopefully. I've been on the lookout for similar pictures because they make great display pieces.

For me, I'm really into hockey as well (something you guys may not have known?) and hinting back at the signed 8x10's, I have a few I got signed by some players in the AHL that we should see in the NHL within the next couple of years. I also got some pucks signed (posts about that coming in the future).

Whether I frame it or put it in a protective sleeve and stand it up on a shelf, I'll always be thankful for Meaghann's generosity. She went out of her way, and I honestly couldn't thank her enough.

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