Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 MLB Postseason Predictions

The time is finally here, folks! Postseason baseball is back! Here was my initial standings/postseason predictions (Prediction: 2014 MLB Standings). I was off a bit on some (well, most) but the teams that I did guess would make it to the postseason include the Dodgers, Cardinals, Nationals, Athletics, and Tigers. Even though I was 5/10 on the teams, my original World Series prediction of the Dodgers and Tigers is still intact.

I wasn't too far off on the NL/AL predictions in terms of surprises and disappointments. For the NL I didn't see the Pirates making the playoffs, but they did. And I thought the Reds would get a Wild Card but, but they didn't. I had a feeling the Mets could've made the playoffs as the biggest surprise for the NL this year. They came fairly close, too. They were one win away from getting 80. Maybe they'll get in next year?

As for my AL predictions, I was WAY OFF on the Rangers winning the West. Now Ron Washington is gone, too. The Orioles surprised me a bit (as well as the Red Sox's horrible season). The Yankees came close, but weren't able to reach the playoffs in Jeter's final season. I'm not sure if you could consider the Yankees "the biggest disappointment" like I had suggested, but they could be considering the amount of money they spent in the offseason and no playoff spot to show for it (especially since Jeter is now retiring). I picked the Royals to be the biggest surprise for the AL, and that could very well be correct. They FINALLY made the playoffs for the first time since 1985 (yes, 1985). With the Royals making the postseason, I believe that's one of the best stories in baseball this season.

Referring back to the standings and predictions post I wrote way back, I remember I was a little late on writing/submitting it and things got a bit jumbled....but now that I have some time before the playoffs officially start (tomorrow), here are the actual teams that made the playoffs as well as my predictions.

AL Wild Card: Athletics defeat Royals

ALDS: Orioles defeat Tigers in five
            Angels defeat Athletics in four

ALCS: Angels defeat Orioles in seven

NL Wild Card: Pirates defeat Giants

NLDS: Dodgers defeat Cardinals in five
            Nationals defeat Pirates in four

NLCS: Dodgers defeat Nationals in six

World Series: Dodgers defeat Angels in six

I'd like to stick with my original prediction of the Tigers beating the Dodgers in the World Series, but I'm not sure if the Tigers will make it that far. Plus, the "Battle Of Los Angeles" sounds badass.

Either way, a lot of these are GREAT matchups, and I can't wait to watch. It'd be nice if my updated postseason matchups actually lined up perfectly, but postseason baseball always takes things to another level where anything can happen. I'm sure there will be a team that surprises everyone and goes deep in the playoffs (or even wins the world series) and I'm sure there will be a team that becomes a disappointment.

Anyways, those are my predictions. What are yours?

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