Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cards From Florida: Part One

I'm baaaaaaaaaack! Returned home a week ago from my trip to Florida in which my brother and I helped our grandfather move. One of the main highlights was heading to the flea market to look for some cards or anything sports-related that caught my eye. Last time we visited I bought a few boxes from one of the vendors at the flea market. I got some decent cards from the boxes but it left me with a lot of cards I didn't particularly want. Instead of getting a couple boxes like last time, I got a small handful that I wanted and that was MUCH easier to stow away in my carry-on for the flight, which I put inside a CD case my grandpa didn't want (which worked out great, by the way).

These are the baseball cards I got (I also got a few hockey cards that I'll write a part two for). I got the top three (and the hockey cards in the following post) from one vendor, and the bottom three I got from another.

I couldn't remember if I had these Smoltz cards (2005 Donruss #97 and 2005 Leaf #18) but I got them anyway. I'll have to check when I put them in my collection. The other is his 1989 Topps #382, which I have plenty of.

With the bottom three, and I wasn't expecting to find anything good. I was on my way out from the flea market and I saw a big box on a table and walked over to it. There were a TON of cards from '91 Upper Deck and a few clumps of other years too, but I don't remember which. Anyways, while going through I figured any of the players I collect would be gone already, but sure enough, I found a few gems. The Glavine (1992 Upper Deck #342) caught my eye, and I didn't remember seeing this before so I got it. Then I stumbled upon two Chipper Jones 1991 Upper Deck #55 rookie cards. When I asked how much for the cards he replied back, "50 cents each." Hell yeah.

Here's part two:

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