Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trip To Card Store

While heading to my LCS (which is coincidentally a 40-minute drive) it was a trip that had been a few months overdue. I hadn't been there since earlier in the year, probably in February or March I'd guess. It's a fairly small store owned by a guy named Tom. Over the past year I've been going to his store every few months to see what new things he gets. He usually gives me a pretty decent deal on cards.

Since it's a 40-minute journey to a town I've had no need to be in other than when I played baseball games there, I try to make it worth the trip. I've mostly bought cards from him; he has a couple boxes/binders filled with a ton of cards, and each time I visit I get the feeling nobody buys much. He said he'd be sorting through some boxes he had at home, and the collector in me curiously wondered, "Boxes?" I pretty much cleaned out all his Smoltz cards, as well as his Chipper Jones. I've gotten a few Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine cards from him as well, but not too many....yet.

As you can see it's nothing "over the top" but still some nice pickups for me. I got some more Smoltz RC's, Chipper RC's, and a couple Glavine cards. Next time I go back (hopefully within the next few weeks) I can look into getting some more Tom Glavine cards (he still has a bunch) as well as some Greg Maddux.