Monday, June 16, 2014

A Tribute To Tony Gwynn

Photo by ESPN
The news was a bit alarming (and surprising) as I hadn't heard much about him in a while. I found out minutes after it was announced late this morning, that Tony Gwynn had passed away at age 54 (just a day after Father's Day).

Gwynn was a career .338 hitter and had 3,141 hits, 1,138 rbi, 319 stolen bases, and scored 1,383 runs. Another statistic I'd like to point out was that he only struck out 434 times (in 10,232 plate appearances). The most strikeout's he had in a season was 40 back in 1988 and still hit .313 that year. His highest average in a season was in 1994 when he hit .394. His lowest average in a season was his rookie year back in 1982 when he batted .289. The lowest average in his career (following his rookie season) was when he hit .309 in 1983 and 1990.

Photo by ESPN
Here's a picture of Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. during their HOF induction back in 2007. My first trip to the baseball Hall Of Fame was back in 2007, when these two men were inducted. I remember it as if it happened yesterday. I saw a bunch of Orioles and Padres jerseys, and I even saw cut-outs of both Gwynn and Ripken. I never saw the actual induction ceremony, though. I went there August 7th and 8th (I think I missed them by about two weeks). Nevertheless, it was a fun experience. I could go on in more detail but this isn't about my trip to Cooperstown, but about a baseball legend that was lost earlier today. Although I have never met Mr. Padre, I've only heard great things about him. He was very humble and had incredible knowledge of the game. He played the game the right way and many people within the baseball community will miss him and the accomplishments he gathered: he was a 15-time All-Star, won 7 Silver Sluggers, won 5 Gold Glove awards, and won 8 NL batting titles in a 20-year playing career. His #19 was retired by the Padres, the only team he ever played for, on September 4, 2004.

Heaven receives another induction today. Rest in peace, Mr. Gwynnn.

Tony Gwynn 1960-2014

Photo by Sports Illustrated


  1. Great tribute. Hands down my favorite athlete of all-time. RIP Mr. Padre.

    1. Thank you. Before doing some research, I didn't know too much about him (I did know he could hit, but he RAKED). Shame to see him leave so early.