Friday, May 9, 2014


For those of you who don't know, I'm a HUGE collector of John Smoltz. I have hundreds (maybe even a thousand to two-thousand) total cards of him. I have quite a bit of RC's, as well as (maybe 8?) autos of him that I've gotten within the past three years or so. Other than Smoltz, I collect Chipper Jones, Freddie Freeman and Andrelton Simmons. My brother got a Freddie Freeman autographed rookie card for me a few years ago (I think he said he spent between $12-15 total on it, which compared to now is a pretty good deal). Last year I bought two Andrelton Simmons rookie autos in a lot for I believe around $30 (maybe a few dollars more for shipping), so roughly $15-$17 per card. As for another core Braves player, I've yet to get an auto of Jason Heyward. I've looked a little here and there but I haven't been as eager as I am for Freeman, Simmons, or even Smoltz for that matter.

Usually when I collect, I look for players that I know have proven themselves, or have been with the Braves for a considerable time. For example, Chipper Jones spent his whole career with the Braves - that makes it easy for me to want to collect him because he's actually had an impact on the team, and because he spent his whole career with them. I have 3 Chipper autographed cards. Two of them were easily $40+ each, while the other my brother got me. It's one of those booklets with a bat relic and an auto (it may have a piece of uniform too, I haven't looked in a while). The booklet is #'d to 5, I believe, and it's actually the only one I've seen; I've yet to see a similar one since I've gotten it.

Along with the auto's, I have plenty of rookie cards of these guys, with Smoltzy being the one I have the most of (I know, big surprise, right?). I've always been into baseball cards, but the hobby really took off in about 9th grade (somewhere around there). The first card I bought was a Smoltz auto and I remember that day very well. Before that, I usually just got rookies and other base cards just because they were much cheaper (I usually got them in lots).

I've recently gotten that urge to buy some more Smoltz cards, although I haven't seen any that I am interested in enough to spend the money on. We're looking at $25+ for an auto, at least (for a college guy that's a considerable amount to spend). Topps should be releasing some cards within the next few months, so I'll certainly keep an eye out for him. As for Freeman, I've been looking around a little bit and have seen a few cards that may be of interest. Moving on to Simmons, I've mostly seen the 2012 Bowman Chrome auto, but have seen a couple others as well - nothing that has really caught my eye yet. I don't think Topps had any auto's of him this year (unless they'll be released in another product later in the year?).

I'll be posting more about cards and my sports memorabilia that I have now, and that I will get in the future. All my exams are done so (hopefully) I'll have more time to post. Keep an eye out! I've got some sweet stuff to share with you guys.


  1. Cool! Can't wait to see what you post!

  2. Looking forward to it. There are a ton of card collecting bloggers (like myself) who are always up for trading.

    1. Thank you. Much appreciated! Still getting used to this but we'll see what happens.